Thursday, June 23, 2011

So Ready To Meet My New Little Girl!!!!

I made it through my brother's wedding this past weekend with flying colors.  I definitely felt all the dancing and running around I did on Saturday night on Sunday morning.  I was so afraid my water was going to break while we were up at the alter. 

Now i'm very ready to meet this little girl!!!  I had a doctor appointment on Monday and he told me she could be here anytime.  All the dancing I did Saturday night must have helped!  I'm hoping she is here sooner than later.  My nesting kicked in full gear this weekend and my house is now all ready!  Emily is very ready to meet her little sister too.  She asks me everyday if she is coming today!  Ryan still will not talk names with me, but I have the baby name books packed and ready to go! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Countdown has begun!!!!

Only 16 days until Jeff's and Deidre's wedding!!!  We are all so excited and Emily can't wait to be a flower girl again!!!  Ryan and I spent last weekend in Chicago attending the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties.  We both had a blast and are still recovering from being up so late!!  But it was totally worth it.  It was so much fun to meet the other groomsmen and bridesmaids and now we are all ready for the wedding!!! 

Now that we have hit June it is so much fun when people ask when are you due I can say Next month!!!  I just have to make it until June 19th, then this little girl can come anytime!!!  My doctor doesn't think I will make it very far into July, since she has been measuring bigger from the begining.  So we will just have to wait and see!!! 

Emily is so excited for all of her cousins to come and see her soon!  She put on her flower girl dress last week and didn't want to take it off because she felt like a princess!  She loves telling everyone she is 3 now and gets to go to preschool now!!!! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trying this out!

I decided to try out blogging.  We will see how many posts I make once Baby Girl Derby #2 makes her appearance.  The crazy part of our live's have started with the warmer weather.  Ryan is mowing like a crazy man and Em and I always seem to be on the go!  This has been a busy week for us with Emily turning 3 on Monday, it seems like only yesterday I was holding her in the hospital!  Now in a few short weeks I will be holding her little sister!  Tomorrow I will be 32 weeks along, so not much longer now.  The next few weeks are very busy with Jeff's upcoming wedding, so hopefully they will fly by!  Ryan and I are excited to have a little getaway next weekend, we are heading to Chicago for Jeff and Deidre's bachelor/bachelorette parties!  It will be our last getaway alone for a long time. 

Emily is very excited to now be 3!  She keeps telling everyone she meets that she is now three, not two anymore!  She knows now that she is three she gets to go to Preschool and start dance classes. 

The deck is starting to come to an end, Ryan started working on the railing last weekend and if the weather cooperates this weekend he hopes to finish it, along with the stairs.